Advantages of AI in Software Testing

30. March 2019 Uncategorized 0

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Automation tests are ultimately risk-based. It assists users in deciding which tests they need to run to get the greatest coverage when limited time is a crucial factor. With the combination of Artificial Intelligence in software testing, data analysis and execution, the defects can be spotted fast and it can be done in a more effective manner.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

  1. Accuracy

Manual testing, even when it is done almost perfectly, can have errors. Automated testing plays its role here by performing the same steps accurately, each time they are executed and recording the results in details.

  1. Leaving behind the constraints of manual testing

Manual testing has got its own limitations. For example, it is truly difficult and nearly impossible even for the most efficient Quality Assurance departments to execute a controlled test with more than a thousand users. Automated testing helps in this situation. It can stimulate tons of virtual set of users that can interact with a network, software or web-based applications.

  1. The advantage to both testers and developers

It can be used by developers before sending to Quality Assurance. It helps to catch the problems quickly. It can automatically run tests whenever the source code is changed and notify the developer if it failed.

  1. Saves time and money

Manually repeating the tests every time the source code is modified is not only time consuming, but also, extremely costly. On the other hand, automated tests can be executed again and again fastly, with zero cost. Timespan and money can be immensely reduced.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining more significance and each day it is finding its way into the software development. With AI in software testing, quality is always assured and time is saved.