Automation Scripting

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Automation Scripting became the new generic  since the IT is all about that ‘lines of code’. The test operations grew increasingly automated and scripting skills became essential to the growth of your career in Software Testing. The need for automated testing grew when there came a need for skills more than the capability of manual testers.

Automation Scripting is not just a technique. It is a skill which needs the ability to analyze, communicate and reason. But that is not all. A software tester has to have many competencies like critical thinking, business and architecture understanding, domain knowledge, tools know-how (which can be acquired only through relevant training and practice), test & people management, test to improve attitude etc. to build a successful career in software testing.

Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact.Yeah! I agree that automation scripting knowledge is important to distinguish your candidature but it is not everything. The ability to analyze, communicate & reason are equally important. A great Software Tester has to have many competencies – Critical thinking, Business & Architecture understanding, Domain knowledge, Tools know-how (can be acquired through relevant training & practice), Test & People Management, Test to improve attitude, etc. to build a successful career in Software Testing.

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