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13. October 2017 Software Testing 0

Every tester must strive to become a technical tester. Testers must have critical thinking ability and approach projects in unconventional and out of the box ways. This does not happen in a single day, hence we should prepare ourselves on a daily basis, to become a technical tester. Software testing training could be a huge step that helps you to become a technical and functional tester. Most of the leading companies performing software testing in Kochi expects their testers to acquire domain knowledge which makes them proactive while handling unexpected bugs.


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Below are some points that will illustrate how to become technical tester :

Understand the architecture of the product: Identify and study each component and interface in the product. This will help list out the risks, Pros and Cons of the design etc. Using this information, we can plan for the test strategy, find hidden issues, provide visibility and also make any changes if required.

Review the code: Just familiarize with the names of the files that were changed, and gradually review the code. This information will provide valuable inputs to help decide what needs to be tested and how, as well as to find things about the changes that might have been missed by the developer or in the documentation. Note: Here Code mean SQL queries, scripts, configuration files, etc.

Work with scripts & tools: A technical tester should be able to play with scripts to run repetitive tests such as sanity or smoke, and tasks such as configurations, installation, setups, etc.

You must also be able to work with free automation tools such as Selenium or WATIR (like QTP, SeeTest, TestComplete, etc.) to create and run test scripts that will increase the stability of the product in development and also saves time.

Be up to date with the technical aspects of infrastructure: A technical tester should know the latest updates on all aspects of the infrastructure that may have an effect on his/her work.Examples: Browsers, databases, languages, etc

Able to troubleshoot issues from Logs or other System Feeds: Should be aware of all the logs and feeds available in his system, and uses them to investigate more about any issue or strange behavior.

This information is helpful during testing to provide more information than simply writing “there is a bug with functionality A”. In order to understand complex issues quickly while working on a bug, it is essential to acquire such knowledge.

In addition to the above things, a technical tester should also be able to:

  • – Provide feedback and run the unit tests created by his programmer peers.
  • – Run SQL Queries on the DB directly to verify test results. In case back-end is SQL then basics of SQL (Queries, Procedures & Functions)
  • – Install and configure the system
  • – Since automation testing has become vital to software testing, so testers should have knowledge on
  • – Selenium and JAVA since it is used the most in software projects,
  • – An effective bug-tracking tool such as JIRA,
  • – Version control systems such as Git and SVN,
  • – Basic UNIX commands

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