Career Opportunities in Performance Testing

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During recent times, we have been witnessing a significant shift in the career opportunities for software testers. Performance testing is becoming more and more popular over functional testing, with a lot of performance testing training courses being available online and offline. Because of its rising popularity, many companies and MNCs are going on a hiring spree of performance testers.

Performance testing is an acquired skill that requires a good amount of technical know-how and experience. This is why good performance testers are in a lot of demand these days. Many institutions are also offering performance testing certification courses. In many such places, you can also find some of the top performance testing training courses with placements.

So what are the career opportunities in performance testing, what do the best performance testing training courses offer and what are the skills that you need to have to become a successful performance tester? Keep reading this article to find out more.

What is Performance Testing?

Simply put, performance testing is a kind of software testing method that makes sure that a software application can show good performance under a specific expected workload. It helps you to figure out how efficient a software is and also helps you determine the performance capability of that software.

As a performance tester, your aim would be to eliminate all sorts of performance congestion, to make the software as rapidly functioning as you can and make it stable and reliable as well. This involves figuring out what tweaks and improvements you can make to a software before launching it in the market arena.

Overview of the Process

So why is there a rise in the number of performance testing courses and its subsequent job opportunities?

This is because performance testing is integral to understanding how a software will function when thousands of users simultaneously visit it. It’s a great way to determine the performance and efficiency of a software. By figuring how much load a software can take at a time, you can constantly make enhancements to a software. This way, you’ll always be challenging yourself and the software to keep improving.

As a performance tester, you will identify bugs and errors in an application and solve them. There are multiple parameters against which you will have to test the software. This could include a load test, stress test, volume test, spike test, resilience test, failure test, recovery test and much more. There are a lot of areas to focus on while testing a software so it’s crucial that you’re adept at it. If all this seems daunting to you, then don’t worry. There are so many performance testing training courses available. Moreover, a lot of these are performance testing courses with placements.

Performance Testing Courses

The improvement in the access to performance testing online training out there, more and more people have been turning to delve deep into this subject. So who are the best performance testing courses meant for?

The non-technical skills that you need to carry with you as an aspiring performance tester would include excellent analytical skills, ability to communicate well, stress and management skills, a passion for learning, patience and of course, being a team player. A positive attitude and great presence of mind is always appreciated.

It’s preferable if you have a degree in any course related to engineering and technology or even computer science. The technical skills would include knowledge of SQL, programming languages, handling of performance testing tools like Jmeter, LoadNinja, LoadRunner and Web Load and an awareness about defect tools.

A good performance testing certification course will train you to learn all these skills and more so you need not worry at all if you’re feeling a little clueless right now.

Performance Testing Career Paths

If you’re a fresher who is passionate about exploring the software world or more of IoT (Internet of Things), then you should definitely give performance testing a chance. This is also ideal for people who are bored of manual and automation testing and want to try something new and exciting. Basically, anyone interested in the idea of performance testing can give this career path a try.

Performance Testing as a job will never go out of demand because companies cannot launch their softwares without proper testing. Moreover, as technology gets more advanced, better testing plans and projects will be required by these companies. For this, an efficient and experienced performance tester will always be an asset.

Generally, the career trajectory for a good performance analyst generally goes like this:

1. Fresher Performance Tester

2. Senior Performance Tester

3. Team Coordinator, Performance Analyst

4. Test Manager

5. Senior Test Manager

Of course, with each step, you’ll have more responsibilities but in most cases, you’ll also get hands-on experience working with the software coders. You could also try alternate career tracks like automation testing and business analysis. The top performance testing training courses with placements will prepare you for similar instances.

To Sum Up

As long as this world runs on softwares, there will be infinite demand for software performance testers. Armed with the best performance testing courses, you can also make your mark in this field within a few years’ time. Performance testing is definitely a career path to watch out for.