Traits of A Smart Tester

Software testing is a process used to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software. In simple words, software testing is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the software system is defect free. To implement this process a qualified and trained Software tester is needed.

Testers play a vital role in all the IT companies because they ensure quality delivery for each and every project which makes them the most responsible person in the project.

One have to be proud and passionate to be a tester, because being a tester you helps the company to make sure that

  • Projects are delivered without any defects
  • State of relaxed feeling for end users
  • Help them to keep up the milestone


Qualities and characteristics of a Software Tester is noted down:

  • Tester should have a ‘test to break attitude’. They hunt for defects and when they detect any undiscovered error they should be very happy.
  • A tester should never compromise for quality and there is no short cut for testing but only better methods. One cannot assure 100% coverage but that is not an excuse for delivering quality products.
  • Testers should know how deep an application should be tested. Testing an application demands the correct amount of testing since this is related to money allocated for the project. However that doesn’t means less amount of testing. Whatever the situation we have to test the application thoroughly to ensure the coverage. So a tester should possess the skill of correct amount of testing. Job demands a smart way of testing.
  • Good verbal and written communication skill can be considered as an added advantage in testing field. Testing is process oriented so need to create Testing artefacts (like test cases/ test plans, test strategies, bug reports etc) which should be understandable. They should be able to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with developers and other stake holders.
  • Passionate: Testers responsibility is not just to create good test cases and execute it but they should also develop a great passion towards what they do which will definitely help them to contribute towards bringing out great products and services by providing valuable inputs and suggestions.
  • Perseverance: Smart testers will never give up. They have to develop patience to go through the documents and to file defects in the application. They will explore the application with an intent to improve and ensure maximum coverage of the application.

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