Is India legally ready to make use of Artificial Intelligence in various sectors ?

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Artificial Intelligence is gaining importance in each and every field. The incidents where the Kerala Police recruited a robot for police work and where the second  robot themed restaurant got inaugurated in Chennai, where we can witness the robots serving not only as waiters but also interact with the customers in English and Tamil are the glimpses of proofs that Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the world in the future generation.

Another incident which happened at Ahmedabad in December 2018 can be called as a milestone in AI history of India where a cardiologist performed the world’s first inhuman telerobotic coronary intervention on a patient nearly 32 km away.

“A history was made” – reported the Indian newspapers on this great accomplishment made by Dr. Tejas Patel.

“The procedure driven by cutting edge technology was carried out by an internet enabled robotic arm at the cath lab in the operation theater, which Dr Patel operated remotely. A team of doctors and paramedics were attending to the patient in the OT to take care of any eventualities.”

Dec 6 2018, Times of India

All these incidents embodies the arrival of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. But a question is arising in between these developments : “Is India legally ready to accept Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream workforce ?”

For example, imagine a situation when the electricity suddenly goes off while a robot performing the surgery and the doctor lost the access to the robot. These questions have been rising all over the world including the US and Germany. Our country must have a strong legal framework to introduce and implement these technologies especially in the fields like medical, law and order and other sensitive areas.

To introduce these technologies in India, there needs to be a proper legal framework. The questions can be arised from any areas, like what if an AI based car causes harm to humans and property ? Can a robot be considered as a witness ? While the technological side is developing rapidly, no comprehensive legislation has been formulated in the country till date.

In India,the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents are about 400 per day. 90% of these are caused because of preventable human errors. Due to the lack or unavailability of doctors, patients are dying in the hospitals. If the right measures are taken at the right time, a lot can be achieved in our country with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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