Manual Testing and its importance

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The process of testing the software manually to find the defects is known as Manual Testing. To ensure that all the features mentioned in the requirement document are working properly, the tester should have the perspective of the end user. It is a process where the testers generate the reports manually without using any automated tools by executing the Test cases. In most of the organizations, manual testing holds a very important place even after the advent of automated testing. It doesn’t need any preparation and it can be run without any constriction. The manual testing has never lost its importance  even though the automation process has been trying to dominate the manual testing process since its introduction.

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  • No need to run test cases repeatedly as in the automated process. It have to be run only a small number of times.
  • It allows the tester to perform more specific tests.
  • Short term testing costs can be reduced.
  • Test cases which are newly designed should be executed manually.
  • An application must be tested manually first, before it is automated.
  • Compared to the initial investments compared to that of Automation Testing.
  • In the case of short life cycle products, manual testing is preferable.
  • For the products where the GUI changes constantly and for those projects where the requirements change frequently, Manual Testing is preferred.

Why Manual Testing is always going to prevail in the industry ?

  • The automation is costly for small projects.
  • Automation cannot be trusted fully, even it can have errors.
  • A manual tester can view the software as an end user and quickly inform the errors to the software developer. With automation testing, this process can be delayed.

All these factors proves that the manual testing can never be trivialized.

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