Software testing life cycle

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To know better about the software testing life cycle, it is essential to know the details about what is software testing and the need of software testing.

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What is Software Testing?


In simple words, Software Testing is the process of running a program or application in order to detect software bugs.

Explaining in detail, it is the process of validating and verifying if a software program or application or product accomplishes the business and technical provisions and works approximately and can be implemented with the same features.

Why do we need Software Testing?


Software testing is required to detect the bugs in the software, to see if it is working properly, and to test if it meets the requirements of the customers. Sometimes human errors can produce software that does not meet customers requirements.


What Is Testing Life-Cycle?

Everything on earth has a lifecycle. It is just the beginning to end. Or we can say, it signifies the sequence of changes from one form to another form.

The software is also an entity which has a beginning and demise, and sequence of changes happening in between. Developing software involves a sequence of steps. Likewise, testing also involves steps which have to be executed in a definite sequence.  This process of executing testing in a systematic and planned way is called software testing life cycle.

STLC Life Cycle (Software Testing Life Cycle), Entry and Exit Criteria

Software Testing Life Cycle or STLC Life Cycle consists of 6 phases. To meet the quality goals, it is executed in a sequential manner. The testing team does the STLC work in a company or an organization.

The Entry Criteria and the Exit Criteria have to be fulfilled before the different phases begin and end. Entry Criteria indicates the prerequisite items that have to be completed before testing can begin. The Exit Criteria mentions the items that must be completed before the conclusion of a test. The Entry and Exit Criteria is necessary at all levels of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).