Technical skills needed to be a software tester

07. April 2019 Uncategorized 0

We have seen the definition and scope of software testing. Now let us look at the technical skills which are needed to become a software tester.

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  1. Basic knowledge of Linux commands: It is important for the tester to have knowledge about Linux commands because most of the software applications are deployed on Linux machines.
  2. Basic knowledge of Database/SQL: Sometimes, there will be situations when a large amount of data stored in the background of the databases of the storage systems needs to be validated. Simple or complex SQL queries can be used in these situations to check whether proper data is stored in the backend databases.
  3. Knowledge and experience of a Test Management Tool: Managing your testing related artifacts is an important aspect of software testing. The software testing process will fail without proper test management techniques.
  4. Knowledge and experience of an Automation tool: Of course, to be a software tester, you must master a tool and have in-depth knowledge about it.

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