Testing Center of Excellence

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If you do digital testing you need to have a testers community and define testing processes/strategy, ask or provide help, sharing or get knowledge and be involved in software testing trends overall. Formally, the Testing Center of Excellence is a framework, which helps companies to provide quality more efficiently, standardize testing tools and processes. In simple words, it’s a community, which seeks mastery by delivering quality products.

Sad, but I still know large IT companies, which do not have a QA department or have it, but do not have a tester community. It’s a very serious aspect and if you want to achieve the excellence of testing you should create TCoE in your organization. In order to do that you need to:

  • Have people who care about the quality in all aspects
  • Share lessons learned and best practices
  • Have well-defined processes and tools
  • Evolve existing testing services
  • Have a culture of quality
  • Have a shorter time in the market
  • Organize training sessions/workshops
  • Focus on defect prevention and early detection
  • Focus on the end user experience
  • Implement automation processes

If the items listed above already exist in your organization, TcoE exists in your company.

The latest software testing training in Cochin is teaching advanced methods to students that can help them to oversee the process of automation testing and artificial intelligence. If you are keen on developing a career as a software tester, it is important that you learn everything about the industry and its testing operations from a leading education center which gives the best software testing training in Kerala that can offer highly competent software performance testing lessons.