Testing Trends in 2019

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The world is becoming digitized and we are witnessing the humongous changes in the technological advancements. In the year 2019, the changes in technology will continue to happen and hence the organizations will have to innovate and reinvent themselves constantly.

Let us see the Top software testing trends that one should forecast in 2019.

Agile and DevOps

Organizations have embraced Agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a response to the demand for speed.

DevOps involves practices, rules, processes, and tools that help to integrate development and operation activities to reduce the time from development to operations. DevOps has become a widely accepted solution for organizations which are looking at ways to shorten the software life cycles from development to delivery and operation.

The adoption of both Agile and DevOps helps the teams to develop and deliver quality software faster, which in turn is also known as “Quality of Speed”. This adoption has gained much interest over the past five years and continues to intensify in the coming years too.

Existing popular automation tools such as Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete continue to evolve with new features that make automation much easier and more effective too.

API and Services Test Automation

Decoupling the client and server is a current trend in designing both Web and mobile applications.

API and services are reused in more than one application or component. These changes, in turn, require the teams to test API and services independent from the application using them.

When API and services are used across client applications and components, testing them is more effective and efficient than testing the client. The trend is that the need for API and services test automation continues to increase, possibly outpacing that of the functionality used by the end-users on user interfaces.

Test Automation

In order to implement DevOps practices effectively, software teams cannot ignore test automation as it is an essential element of the DevOps process.

They need to find the opportunities to replace manual testing with automated testing. As test automation is considered to be an important bottleneck of DevOps, at a minimum, most regression testing should be automated.


These are the Emerging Software Testing Trends that one should watch out in 2019 as we live in the world of unprecedented exponential changes driven by technology and digital transformation.

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