Verification Testing

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software testing training in KochiTo detect as many errors as possible is the main testing objective of verification activity. Each verification activity is a phase of testing life cycle. The testing team should develop its own verification ‘test-ware’ in the form of testing and specific checklists for all kinds of documents, so that the verification expertise becomes an asset for the organization. Just like all software, the test-ware should also be verified. It is proved as the most surest and cost-effective routes to quality improvement, both short term and long term.


A test-ware is produced by both verification and validation methods. It is named so because it has uses beyond its initial use. Just as software and hardware are maintained, it is important to maintain the test-ware too. When test-ware is being created, you have to make sure that it is not lost. So it has to be put under some control. So that if a particular tester leaves the company, someone else can maintain and continue the process.


The ‘human’ examination of the work product is called Verification. Walkthroughs, technical reviews, and other methods are not consistently referred to always. But the inspections are generally considered most formal.


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