What does a software tester do ?

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What does a software tester do ?

Software testing is one of the most important parts of the software development life cycle. Every single customer needs quality product. And delivering quality products to the customers develops their trust towards the company.The main goal of a software tester is to find bugs, as early as possible and to make sure that they are fixed.


What makes a good software tester?


It might seem that the software testers’ job is easier than the programmers’.  But the reality is that, it is not. Breaking code and finding bugs is not as easy as it seems. Software testers will be adventurers and explorers. They are won’t be afraid to face unknown situations. They love solving things. And they never get tired of trying. They may see a bug that vanishes quickly, or which is not easy to recreate. So they will try every possible way to find it. The will be creative and perfectionists. They will be tactful and diplomatic. To inform the programmers that the program which they developed is not good enough is indeed a tough job. But the testers knows how to handle it diplomatically.


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