Will Automation result in the unemployment of quality testers ?

08. July 2019 Uncategorized 0

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From the time automation started conquering IT industries, there is a false notion going on that automating the software sector can result in the unemployment of the quality testers. The truth is, it will not, since various technologies will coexist and there is an increasing trend in upskilling employees. 

To understand the impact of automation in the IT industry, there was a research conducted, and the authors of this research paper had interviewed many quality testers and studied their work culture in the main IT-Hub cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The people who responded not only included testers, but also those who went to upskill themselves in various institutions and their faculties. The observations of the IIIT-H research paper Tool Smiths in Off-Shored Work : Socio-Technical Systems of Quality Testing in India says that the testing becomes complex when the product becomes complex. To automate things we will need to create scenarios and that needs human imagination, which is the central necessity here. It is a fact that the testers have to come in terms with the massive changes that will be bringing out by automation. So they are creating their value themselves by upskilling their testing skills. The AI-driven technologies cutting across the industries are not uniform. The change in the quality of jobs needed doesn’t mean that there will be a job loss. There will be more complex testing which will come in the future and hence there will be job gains too.

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