Advantages of Using Selenium for Automated Testing

22. April 2019 Uncategorized 0


  1. Selenium supports all major languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl programming languages for software test automation.You can write your scripts in any of these programming languages and Selenium converts it into Selenium compatible codes in no time. So, there is no need for knowing Selenium only languages. Every Selenium supported language has dedicated frameworks which help in writing test script for Selenium test automation.
  2. One of the many things that adds to the advantages of Selenium is its open source availability. Being an open source tool, Selenium is a publicly accessible automation framework and is free, with no upfront costs. So, you can save money here and use them for other good causes.The Selenium community is continuously helping developers and software engineers in automating the web browser features and functionalities. Selenium being open source also helps you customize the code for better code management and enhance the functionality of predefined functions and classes. Selenium has become the most reliable web automation tool because of the ease of generating test scripts to validate functionality.
  3. “One Selenium script for all browsers” is what Selenium community have been working on and improvising every day. As per StatCounter, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge browsers are the most used browsers worldwide and Selenium script is compatible with all the mentioned browsers. Which means there is no need to rewrite scripts for every browser, just one script for all browsers.
  4. Selenium is a highly portable tool that supports and can work across different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, etc.You can create Selenium test suites over any platform like Windows and can execute the same test suite on another platform, for example, Mac or Linux. This enables developers and software testers to easily write test automation scripts without laying much emphasis on the platform on which it will run.
  5. Selenium automation framework is very easy-to-use tool. Selenium provides a user-friendly interface that helps create and execute test scripts easily and effectively. You can also watch while tests are running. You can analyze detailed reports of Selenium tests and take follow-up actions. A huge Selenium community is always available to help you in case of need. You can ask your queries and perform brainstorming in the community.
  6. As mentioned earlier, Selenium automation test suites are reusable and can be tested across multiple browsers and operating systems. However, the twist is if that Selenium is not an all-inclusive web automation testing tool. Hence, it needs third-party frameworks and add-ons to broaden the scope of testing.
  7. Test management is what which is very important in testing life cycle. It becomes easier and more efficient with Selenium features like regrouping and refactoring of test cases. This helps developers and testers in quick changes to the code, reducing duplication, minimizing complications and improving maintainability. These features make Selenium more flexible and usable as compared to other automation testing tools and hence helps Selenium to keep an edge.
  8. The main aim of automated testing is to save time and efforts. With the help of Selenium Grid, we can execute multiple tests in parallel, hence reducing the test execution time. With the help of cloud-grids for cross-browser testing you can test across as many as hundreds of browsers in parallel using Selenium hence saving you time in multiples of hundreds.
  9. If you compare Selenium with other vendor focused automation tools like QTP, UFT, SilkTest, you will find that Selenium requires less hardware as compared to other testing tools.
  10. Selenium scripts are not something like writing hundred-page complex algorithm. Writing Selenium scripts is not more than writing a few pieces of codes to automate functionalities of your website. Also, documentation on the Selenium website is very helpful for developer and testers to start with Selenium automation testing. With the radically growing community, Selenium tutorials, testing, and development support is just a Google search away.Also with Selenium IDE extension on Firefox browser, you can use record and play functionality to generate Selenium scripts for future reference.
  11. As Selenium is supported by a community and we all know that an active community doesn’t like to stay stagnant, the Selenium community is also constantly releasing constant updates and upgrades. The best part about having a community is that these upgrades are readily available and easy to understand hence you do not need any specific training. This makes Selenium resourceful as compared to other tools and cost-effective as well.

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