Why Selenium is the best Web Automation Testing Tool

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There’s a reason why developers all across the globe like it. When it comes to automation testing, the first name that springs to mind is Selenium. It’s the most common and successful method of testing. Selenium plays a unique position in tech, and while its applications are numerous,  the fundamental issue remains: Is Selenium automation testing the best?

There’s a reason why selenium automated testing is chosen over other types of testing, but first, let’s define selenium.

What Is Selenium Automation Testing, Anyway?

Selenium is a web browser automation testing tool that automates the execution of various tests. In 2001, Jason Huggins was the first to create this testing procedure. He aspired to create a testing solution that was far more effective and efficient than manual testing. His Java script application was essential in the development of selenium automated testing.

Selenium is sometimes known as the Selenium Suite since it includes a number of tools, including:

Remote Control for Selenium

– Web Driver for Selenium

– Integrated Development Environment for Selenium

– Grid of Selenium

What Was the Purpose of the Selenium Web Driver?

As a substitute for the Selenium RC, the Selenium web driver was built. It was developed to make life easier by allowing pages to be identified more quickly and in a more straightforward manner. In the year 2008, the Selenium web driver and Selenium RC were combined. The selenium automated testing technique and the selenium community as a whole benefited greatly from this combination. Because of the web driver’s speed and RC’s efficiency, the program began to function more efficiently.

What Is the Role of Selenium?

The effectiveness of selenium is what makes it so appealing to consumers. There is no denying that Selenium is popular. It may be the best browser automation tool or it could not be, but there are few questions about its popularity. For testing interfaces, the bulk of software developers and testers have turned to this free, open-source application. In reality, Google and Facebook are among the company’s consumers!

A simple explanation for this might be that once Selenium is set up, it provides a straightforward path for creating test scripts, validating functionality, and reusing test scripts in automated testing frameworks.

If it isn’t the case already, here’s a list of reasons why selenium automation testing should be your preferred technique of automation testing.

  • Using Several Browsers

Another aspect that demonstrates Selenium’s resilience is that the tests may be run in various browsers without any significant limitations. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, Selenium automated testing is more accessible to everyone because, unlike other testing methods, it can be executed without hassle on a range of browsers. You can use Selenium regardless of the browser you’re using or the platform you’re on.

  • Re-runs Enabled

Under selenium automation testing, scripts can be readily recorded. It can be stored, and you can run it again as often as you like. The test run mode supports the recording of scripts, which can be saved and examined again using this technique of testing.

  • Availability

Huggins built an open-source testing tool, so there are no upfront expenditures to worry about. Selenium automation testing is convenient since it is open source and can be accessed by anybody without difficulty. Because it helps engineers in automating different activities, selenium automation testing should be chosen. Selenium automation testing allows for the creation of tests fast and simply.

  • Reusability

Depending on the activity, Selenium will require third-party frameworks. Having said that. it still stands out from the rest. Engineers can use it on operating systems with ease. Selenium automated testing can be reused and tested on multiple browsers. 

  • Easy Integration

Selenium works nicely with a variety of different tools. It works nicely with third-party applications and any other tools that could be necessary. It provides developers and testers with a wide range of testing possibilities. There are no restrictions on the tester’s ability to pick the area they want to focus on. There is total freedom to employ a variety of integrated tools for testing purposes. This is one of the primary reasons why selenium automated testing is so popular.

  • Versatile

Developers have complete control over all complications and can update features whenever they want. In comparison to other tools, Selenium testing is more versatile. Test management is a critical factor, and selenium ensures that it regroups and refactors effectively in such situations.

  • Implementation

Selenium automated testing is very simple to learn and utilise. It is user-friendly and helps in the creation of scripts with the utmost possible ease and with the least amount of difficulty. During and after the test, developers can sit back and assess reports.

In instances where installation is taking longer than expected, the selenium community is available to help at any time. They handle all inquiries and concerns with the utmost competence. As a result, there’s no risk of not understanding or being unable to use selenium in your browser.

  • Multiple Programming Languages Supported

Working with Selenium also gives you the option of working in any language. Despite the fact that it has its own scripting language, the tester is not limited to write in it. Why? Because Selenium is fairly strong in terms of language support and can effectively handle all of the language bindings used by testers. This includes, for example, C#, PHP, Java, and JavaScript.

  • Text Execution in Parallel/Remote Control

Multiple scripts can be performed on remote workstations using Selenium Grid. Several test scripts can be run in parallel to decrease test execution time. Since the goal of automated testing is to save both time and effort, this is one of Selenium’s most important benefits. There’s also the option of using Online Selenium Grids, such as Lambda Test, with access to more than 2000 browser environments to perform tests and automate cross-browser testing. With the rising need for testing deliverables, it’s critical to run test scripts as rapidly as possible.

  • Free and Open Source Software

Open Source Accessibility is one of Selenium’s most significant features. Anyone can download and use the source code because it is an open-source utility. It can also be modified to meet the needs of the project.  Because of this, the functionality of predefined functions and classes is improved significantly. Selenium has become the most trustworthy web automation technology due to the ease with which test scripts to check functionality can be created.

  • Updates on a regular basis

Selenium has a vibrant community behind it. The Selenium community provides updates and improvements on a regular basis. The best part about having a community is that these updates and improvements are already installed and simple to comprehend. Selenium has received widespread support and acclaim from a variety of groups and vendors. It is now regarded as an Industry Standard rather than just an open-source tool.

Selenium has been on the market for a long time. Businesses all around the globe have begun using Selenium to test the simplest as well as the most sophisticated software applications since it is a full bundle of diverse automated testing methods. Selenium is one of the greatest automated testing solutions for the IT sector, thanks to its many benefits and simple features. It offers more additional features and benefits than any other software testing tool. Because of the reasons stated above, selenium automated testing should be the preferable method of testing.

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