Artificial Intelligence – A big leap towards the future

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According to an analysis by Itihaasa, a research agency founded by Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys, points out that India ranks third in terms of high quality research publications in Artificial Intelligence. Education, Weather forecasting, financial services, retail, health care and what not AI cannot handle !



The latest software testing training in Cochin is also teaching advanced methods to students that can help them to oversee the process of automation testing that is mostly dependent on AI. If you are keen on developing a career as a software tester, it is important that you learn everything about the industry and its testing operations from a leading education center  which gives the best software testing training in Kerala that can offer highly competent software performance testing lessons.


Almost all forms of enterprises – from software, transport, factory automation and other industries are increasingly using AI based interfaces for their daily operation. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but prediction with algorithms and data. When a machine performs actions based on your past data, it is not only performing, but it is ‘learning’. Which means the machine is mimicking the capacity of human to learn things. This is why it is called as ‘Artificial Intelligence’.


AI is an entirely different story. The progress that are being made in the field of machine learning, natural language processing and image processing are increasing each day. And these developments made in this field are spreading into our daily lives through smartphones.


If you have noticed, apps that are developed now is having face recognition feature, like Google Photos. It can identify you in the photos and group those photos without any of our help. It is because it has been going through millions of images, learning each and every pattern pixel by pixel. If automated cars can identify and predict an accident that is going to happen in front of it, it is because it is doing its own calculations. If Google Assistant seems to learn different slang of same language, like different slang of English itself, i.e., like South Indian English and North Indian English, it is because it does not just listen;it learns.


The most noticeable impact of highly capable artificial intelligence is in the field of technology – Software Development. The process of programming and testing may become increasingly automated.


Like every other technological revolutions, the advent of Artificial Intelligence will be utilized to help humankind to reach to new standards.