Importance of performance testing

When we talk about software testing, the first thing that comes to our mind is testing the application against its features and functions as per client requirements. However, it is not just the modulated form of testing that needs to be dealt with. In addition to testing the basic functionality of the developed application, one also needs to test the performance of the application against various external factors that may affect its delivery. To build your career in testing, the best way is to join a software testing training course in Kochi, the tech capital of Kerala.

In simple terms, performance testing is one form of software testing that aims to determine whether or not; the developed application can sustain the load. The sole purpose of conducting performance tests is to check how the website performs in terms of speed, is it reliable and can the website robustly perform in the external world?

Performance testing reveals:

● The page, network and the browser response times
● Processing times of server request
● The ability to handle concurrent requests
● Memory consumption of the processor determining errors

Goals of Software Performance Testing

(1) Page Speed: Using a software application, the page load speed matters the most. If the page has a decent speed, the user would not leave the site. And not to forget that a slower website falls off the search engine rankings, deteriorating the visibility of the same.

(2) Scalability: Along with testing the speed of the website, it is essential to know how would the same behave, if you added another CPU or how would the load shift with additional hardware.

(3) Stability: Performance testing services ensure that no matter what the situation is, the website can effectively handle and work alongside.

Whether it is a mobile app or a desktop application, employing
performance testing services is a must. From scalability to speed,
reliability, and robustness, the testing services detect all. There are
well-structured performance engineering training institutes in Kochi
which will help you land in your dream career!