Course Details

Our online course aim to make you confident in handling all basic and advanced tools and technologies required for Data Science & Machine Learning.

Learning Objective

After the successful completion of this course the candidate will

  • Get a clear concept on what is Data Science and Machine Learing
  • Get a clear understanding on types regression analysis
  • Hands-on project experience

Who Can Enrol for the Course?

  • Professionals who wish to upgrade their skills
  • Those who wish to change their career in Data Science
  • Freshers who wish to become a data scientist ,data analyst
  • Anyone who have a positive attitude to learn the new technolgies

Python - Introduction

  • Jupyter Notebook Introduction and Installation
  • Lists, Tuples,Dictionaries, Sets
  • Numby Arrays, Indexing ,Operations
  • Indexing and selecting data
  • Merge and Append
  • Lambda Functions and Pivot Tables
  • Get and clean Data
  • Plots using Matplotlib, Seaborn,Plotify
  • Interactive Plots
  • Sourcing and cleaning of datas
  • Different types of data Analysis
  • Derived Metrics
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Precision
  • Recall
  • Specificity
  • F1 Score
  • MSE and RMSE
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Model Building & Evaluation
  • Univarite and Multivariate Logistic Regression
  • Model Building & Evaluation
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest


A stamp of excellence, which always helps you get hired.