Course Details

This course is intended for aspirants who would like to choose Software Testing as their career. This course offers practical training and real case studies for both Manual Testing and Automated Testing (using Selenium). Aspirants will have hands on exposure to Live projects which includes preparing test design, creating test scripts, test execution, raising bugs/defects, defect retesting, generating test reports etc.This One-to-One Training create unique learning along with practical experiences. QC More assist aspirants on placements as well to enhance their personality skills and to make their dream career. Connect with our Signature Course and take your first step towards a brightful future!

Who Can Apply

Anyone who has a basic knowledge on the principles and practices of software programming can learn software testing. It is also necessary to have good analytical skills and the candidates should be able to envisage real-time business situations. Graduates and post graduates ( B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc Computer Science, MCA, B.Sc Electronics, B.Sc IT) with a technical background can apply for this course.

What Does It Mean To Be Well-Versed In Software Testing

Software testing is crucial in the Software Development Life Cycle because it helps you identify the bugs in the beginning itself. Since it is detected in the early stages, it will be uncomplicated to resolve it. Software testing points out the errors which are made during the development phases. This ensures customer satisfaction and helps to ensure that only quality products are delivered.

A well versed software testing professional will be able to analyze user cases and requirements for validity and feasibility. He will also be able to execute all levels of testing (System, Integration, Regression) and design and develop automation scripts when needed. In short, software testing is not just limited to detecting software defects and providing timely solutions. Infact, it includes all these responsibilities.

Week 1

  • Introduction to Software Systems
  • Software Development Life Cycles
  • Quality - Definition, Process and Implementation
  • Testing Psychology
  • Cost of Quality at Various Stages
  • Requirement Analysis and Review Process
  • Test Case Design Techniques
  • Test Scenarios and Test Cases
  • Types of Defects
  • Defect Categorization
  • Test Processes
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Plan
  • Need Based Approach
  • Level of Testing
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Defect Analysis
  • Test Reporting and Tracking
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Metrics and Measurement
  • Test Management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Test-ware and Test data Management
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Introduction to Test Automation
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Test Automation Tools
  • Advantages of Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Installation and Setting up of Selenium Project
  • OOPs Concepts
  • Core Java Basics
  • Selenium IDE
  • Record and playback techniques
  • Modifying the script using IDE
  • Convert the IDE script into RC script
  • Validate the locator value using IDE
  • Locator Concepts and Techniques
  • Locating objects using different objects – ID, Name, CSS, Class, XPATH
  • WebDriver Architecture
  • WebDriver Vs Selenium RC
  • WebDriver Commands
  • Handling different browsers
  • Handling links and Dynamic links
  • Working with text box and buttons
  • Handling Multiple Windows
  • Working with Frames
  • Working with Alerts
  • What is Test NG
  • Annotation concept and different types
  • Testing Configuration
  • Suite execution from eclipse
  • Parallel script execution
  • Grouping the Test Cases
  • Parameter configurations
  • TestNG Report
  • Assertions and Verifications
  • Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • Installation and setup of Hub and node
  • Script changes for Selenium grid execution
  • Simple script execution using grid
  • Review and Implement the Sample project
  • Case Study
  • Project


Shally H R

Loremine Technologies Pvt Ltd

The personal attention given and quality of training have always met my expectations. I would say QC More is one of the best institutions to learn software testing and the complete credit goes to the faculties who helped me learn things at ease.

Susan John

Seven Seas Hi Tech Systems Pvt Ltd

QC More is an outstanding place to learn, explore and develop our testing skills. It was a great experience being here for Software testing training. The live projects and the assistance provided by the faculties have helped me exceptionally to reach my career.

Neethu Gopinath

WebCastle Media Pvt Ltd

Choosing QC More was the best decision I have ever taken. The confidence which I have gained by tireless support from the faculties and the live project sessions are beyond words can explain. I will always be thankful to the QC More team for handing me a great future.

Neethu Anilkumar

WebCastle Media Pvt Ltd

The whole program was perfectly organized and of world class standard which delivers the optimal level of confidence to the candidates. The live projects and mock interviews helped a lot at the time of the interview. Special thanks to the faculties who profoundly supported me throughout the journey towards my career.

Jithin T

Cadvil Technologies, Cochin

I cant believe the make over that happened to my life. From just a computer science graduate of thousands of candidates in Kerala to a Software Test Engineer in a well reputed company in a short span of time of 2 months. Thanks to Manoj Sir and QcMore for this wonderful shift that happened in my life.

Roshini K

INFOPARK Overbook Technology Services Pvt Ltd

Whole Program was perfectly paced and very well delivered, with exactly the right mix of theory and practical exercises Personalized grooming sessions are the key factors which boost your confidence level to its peak.

Aravind A K

Testhouse India Pvt Ltd, Technopark

I was in search of a program that can build a IT career for me and heard about Qcmore from one of my friend. The inspritation and the individual attention which I got from there was unmatching. Thanks to Qcmore Team

Anandu V S

Ndimensionz Solutions Pvt Ltd, Smartcity

QcMore really equiped me in the easy transisition of my career to the next level. They know how to pack the candidates based on their indvidual needs. Kudos to Team QcMore!!!

Roshna M Nazeer

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill, Technopark

I could have only dreamed of a job in a big MNC like Allianz before joining QCMORE. Now it's a reality, all thanks to the rigorous training and practical sessions at QC More. Thanks QC More.

Biji Varghese

Test Engineer in Orell Technosystems ,Kakkanad

I am from a non-computer science background and dreaded softwares. However the trainers at QCMore helped me ease into the world of software testing so smoothly that now i can't imagine any other career. I would definitely recommend QC More to family and friends.

Ananthavishnu K S

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill,Technopark

I have always felt software to be a hard area for me to crack. But now I am comfortable with it only because of the live projects we worked on at QC More. It has given me confidence in my skills without which I would never have made it in a large institution like Allianz.

Vishnu Narayanan

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill,Technopark

After my graduation in Computer science, though well versed theoretically I did not have confidence to take up a live project all by myself. It is my training at QC more that made me confident. Manoj Sir's systematic approach towards testing has helped me approach any project professionally.

Gincy George

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill,Technopark

The testing course in QC more was the perfect choice for me. Rather than reading definitions and studying from a book, I have learnt a lot by testing the real time websites. I will always suggest QC More to all my friends for their better career.

Gineesh George

Test Engineer in Unisave Marketing Networks Pvt Ltd, Edappally

The course was truly helpful in teaching me how to approach a testing case systematically. By working on actual projects I also learnt how to act when something out of the ordinary arises. The trainers were great and helpful and would answer any doubts till I would understand the concept clearly. I will definitely keep in touch with them throughout my career.

Maria Roy

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill, Technopark Trivandrum

After I enrolled in Software testing course at QCMore my testing skills have improved a lot. I started to work in a more systematic way. My approach towards testing as a practise have undergone a major change. I am very happy to have taken up this course.

Mehnas Moidheen

Test Engineer in Artlumen Pvt.Ltd

I joined QCmore after my BTech in Information Technology. As a fresher I was bit worried but practise sessions in QCMore was entirely different. The systematic approach helped a lot and the course content is the best that I was able to find. Since we were working on Real-Time projects it was a great exposure and gave me a better idea about how a typical testing project works.

Abhishek Sharma

Test Engineer in Maxwell Geosystems

While joining QC More, my intention was just to get a job. But, intensive training from experienced faculties honed my skills and shaped my testing physiology. QC More really helped me to imbibe both theoretical and practical skills. It also enabled me to understand the profession and to attend interviews. Thank you Mr Manoj and Mr Arun for the big support and guidance.

Athira Rajagopal

Test Engineer in ArtLumen Pvt.Ltd

After completing my graduation I was so confused about where to begin my carrier. I am really thankful to QC more for transforming my vision & direction into software testing. The training sessions from industry experts helped me a lot and it was the best I could find.

Anugra Babu

Test Engineer in CocoaLabs, Infopark

I was confused whether to join the course, because I had no programming background. But the initial sessions itself changed my perception about the course. It started with the basics and the coverage of topics was well structured and comprehensive enough. it was a perfect mix of theory and practice which enabled me to acquire a Job within a week after completion of this course.

Arya Das

Test Engineer in Allianz Cornhill Pvt Ltd, Technopark Trivandrum

I am really thankful to QCMore for what i am right now. Job oriented training and prolonged support from Team QCMore helped me for a firm position in my career. Guidance from them is still boosting my confidence to climb new crests. If you are looking for a passionate, aspiring and aggressive guidance, I distinctly recommend QCMore.

Reenu Joseph

Ernst & Young, Infopark, Kochi

QC More is one of the best decisions I have taken in my professional life. Its transformed my career and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Nayana Thomas

Test Engineer in Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd

I took Software testing course from QC more, and it 's amazing. It Certainly added value to my career. Thanks to the trainers and QC more.

Vibin Varghese

Test Engineer in Techneurons Consulting Solutions Pvt ltd

A simple Google search for the best software testing training institutes in Kochi lead me to QC More. That one right step has led to me being placed in a reputed company where I truly enjoy my work. Thank you for the right guidance and lessons.

Sruthy Sathyanadhan

Test Engineer in Transighy System Pvt Ltd

The amount of knowledge and experience I have earned in my few months at QC More is hard to describe. The two months where packed with well-tuned lessons with insights from experienced trainers. I have and will continue to recommend QC More to my friends.

Karthik S Nair

Test Engineer in Web and craft, Infopark, Koratty

QC More has helped me land a good job in an awesome company, simply by being sincere in their activities. The trainers go the extra mile to make sure you are equipped to excel at your job, be it in terms of core knowledge or soft skills. Special Thanks to Manoj Sir for his fun and insightful lessons.

Jeffy John

Test Engineer in Livares Techologies Pvt Ltd,Technopark

Joining QC More has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. The classes at QC More were truly inspirational and made me want to work hard to sharpen my skill set. The experience has made me an advocate of QC More.

Sreehul S

Test Engineer in Sigtech Wireless Technologies

I have completed Software Testing Course from QCmore and it has been a great experience. The faculty was quite experienced and had a deep knowledge on the subject. QCmore helped me to create a better career as a Test Engineer. Thanks QCmore.

Liza Thomas

Test Engineer in 76 Degrees,Infopark

I joined QC More as a first step to the journey towards my dream career. But QC More did much more and kick- started my career through vigorous practical training and softskills enhancement, that has helped me get placed at 76 Degrees,Infopark,kochi

Thulasi Mohan

Test Engineer in Future Focus Infotech

Thanks to QCMORE for bringing light to my career. Well structured program helped me groom and prepare myself to take up the challenges in the industry. The flexible and professional environment for learning, and hands on experience in live projects provides the opportunity to explore yourself.

Sachin Salim

Test Engineer in Tech Innovations Technologies

It has been a great experience at QCMORE. Training not only changed my attitude towards the IT Jobs but also boosted my confidence in presentations & interviews. I gradually felt the changes during the progress of training. Grooming sessions are so effective which helped me a lot to perform well in all level of my interview.


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