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software testing training in Kochi

We have seen that Performance test is performed to determine  and ensure the performance of a software application in terms of stability and responsiveness under an expected workload.  Given below are some of the widely used Performance Testing tools.


Web Application Performance Tool or (WAPT) helps to analyze the performance of web applications, web services and intranet applications. It is used to test websites too. This  tool will give you the detailed information about performance. It is usually tested in various environments and load conditions.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester permits you to analyze the behavior of the applications by mimicking user transactions. It is used for the automated performance testing of applications which are web-server-based.

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter was initially developed for testing web applications. Later, it became a major tool for performance testing. The main advantage of this tool is that, it can be loaded into a server or a network and analyze its performance while working under different conditions.



Widely used for testing http servers and its workload compatibility, ability to sustain overload, and HTTP/1.1 protocol support are its key features. It helps to count the number of responses from individual servers.


It has an easy GUI which is convenient for a user to test in various scenarios. It helps you create and run sophisticated tool. It is a  free and open source. Also, while running test, it lets you create and update test cases.


It is a testing tool for websites and web apps. It is affordable and you can record user interactions, create realistic load tests and simulate these actions with several virtual users both from on-premises machines and cloud. You can determine the robustness of the app’s performance, predict the scalability and analyze the detailed metrics provided by the tool.

Other performance testing tools available are Loadster, LoadImpact, LoadView,  AppLoader, Web Load etc.

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