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The activities and efforts that intend to automate engineering tasks and operations in a software test process using well-defined strategies and systematic solutions are known as software automation testing. Automation Testing is the using of automation tools to write and execute test cases. Manual intervention is not needed while executing an automated test tool.


The automation software can generate a detailed report on the test data of a system under check by examining the actual and expected result. It is more reliable since it is performed by tools and/or scripts. It is significantly faster than the manual approach as it is executed by software tools. It has greater consistency and ease of access to information about tests or testing.

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Manual testing has got its own limitations. It consumes both time and money. Multilingual sites are challenging to test manually. Using a test automation tool can run a test overnight, continuously overnight, without even checking on it. The speed of test execution and test coverage can also be boosted with the help of this.


Same test suites should be executed repeatedly for the successful development of cycles. A test automation tool helps to record the test suite and replay it as required. No human interference is required once the suite is automated. The main objective of automation is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually.


The future scope of Automation testing is truly promising and the opportunities are endless. Software testing course in Kochi gives you an opportunity to learn automation under industrial experts and live projects. Special attention is given to each student and they will get an exceptional learning experience. Specially designed modular courses enhance the testing skills and overall capability of the students.