Automation Testing made easy

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Software testing is an important phase of software development. It is the process that involves the identification of defects and bugs in the developed software so that quality software can be developed as per the requirement specifications. Traditionally, manual testing method is followed for testing the software. In Kerala, there are many software development companies which are using manual testing methods to test the software however these days a lot of such companies have made transition from manual testing to Automation Testing. This is the reason why automation software testing training in Kerala is in demand.

More accurate testing results with Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a software testing technique which uses specialized tools to test the software and compare the actual testing results with the expected one. It enables the software to perform test cases by repeating pre-defined actions. Testing tools helps in performing regression tests, automating data set up generation, product installation, GUI interaction and defect logging. There are number of benefits of automation testing over manual testing. Reliability and accuracy of automation testing is high. Along with this, its return of investment (ROI) is also high.

Different approaches to Automation Testing

There are mainly three approaches that software testers need to perform Automation Testing:

  • Code driven testing: In this approach of automation testing, test case execution is focused to identify if the codes of various sections of the software are performing as per the expectations or not.
  • Graphical user interface: Software or Applications that have GUIs can be tested with this approach.
  • Framework approach: Framework is a set of guidelines for getting the fruitful results of automation testing activity. Test data sources, function libraries, object details and other reusable modules work together in a framework. There are different types of frameworks like Linear Scripting framework, Data driven framework, Modular Testing framework and more.

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