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software testing training in Kochi

Software testing courses are getting popular among the computer science engineering graduates. This course helps the enginering graduates to learn the software testing skills for better job prospects in IT sector. A lot of engineering graduates are taking software testing courses in Kerala which helps them to become a professional software tester.

Improve your software testing skills

Software testing is an important phase of software development. It is the phase which helps in reducing the bugs and defects from the  developed software in order to enhance its functionality. There are  different types of testing which are done to ensure the quality of the software. While taking the classes for software testing Cochin, engineering graduates can take help of Stack Exchange – Software Quality Assurance & Testing. Stack exchange is the netwrok of question answer websites on diverse fields.  Thus, software testing professionals can clear their doubts and enhance their testing skills.

Testing to ensure the quality

To  develop a quality software, there is a need to align quality assurance, quality control and testing in the process of software development.

  • Software Quality Assurance: It includes activities that ensure the implementation of all the processes, procedures and standards in reference to verification of developed software as per the requirements.
  • Quality Control: This is the verification of a developed software with respect to documented.
  • Software Testing: This involves identification of bugs/error/defects in a software. There are different types of testing like functional testing, UI testing and integration testing to look into all the aspects of software before final deployment.

Together these processes helps in developing a quality software. Both the internal and the external features of the software determines the overall quality of the software. Attributes of quality include functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability, usability and portability.  Engineering graduates who are less interested in coding and development of the software can think about learning the software testing skills.