Importance of Investing In Software Testing Training

software testing courseSoftware testing is a perfect context where prevention is definitely better than cure. Software testing and thus software testing training is essentially a part of the quality control that detects bugs and errors in the software and prevents its malfunction. The cost of prevention is so much lesser than that of malfunction and crash, in terms of both money, effort and time. It is also better for better customer experience.


It’s because of the importance of testing that now there are many speciality areas in it like Quality assurance, Verification, Validation, Performance etc. meant to focus on specific aspects of the software than just its functionality. For the same reason, there are many new job roles coming up in the area of Quality assurance or control by the day and as a result many software testing training institutes in Kochi too.


Software testing as two major classifications: manual and automation. If looking for a professional career in software testing, and quick growth in your job, it’s best to take up a software testing course which is a combination of both. The curriculum could be the difference between just another software testing course and one that sets you on a good career path. We pride in our constantly evolving and up to date curriculum that covers all essential processes and tools as per industry standard, so that after your training at QC More you are all set to outperform at your job.


Another great thing about our software testing course in Kochi is the systematic approach of testing that we try to impart through the practical sessions on live projects. You learn how to go step by step on a case in the documentation, case writing, execution, reporting etc. and you get on the job practical experience even before you join your first job. This experience greatly helps you recognise the difference between the actuals of a software performance and the required performance, which in turn will help you become a good software tester. Join our software testing training institute in Kochi today and become a proud alumni of QC More.