DevOps Testing : The future of QA

19. September 2017 Software Testing 0

We at QC more software testing training center believe that Quality and Speed should always go hand in hand and this paves the way to assure the quality of the application. For the same reason, leading companies in the domain of Software development and software testing in Kochi and across the world now implement the DevOps culture. DevOps teams generally include Development teams and operations team. The attracting factor of DevOps testing is that it helps organizations develop a seamless development and production environment, armed with a continuous feedback made possible through continuous testing.


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DevOps QA testing : DevOps QA plays a crucial role because of the visibility and directivity to push the code when it is working and rollback the code whenever it is not working correspondingly. QA team is involved in continuous improvement and quality tracking for identifying problems in both product and process and also recommending changes wherever is required and thus requires formal software testing training. Testers are the quality advocates, influencing both development and operational processes. They don’t just find bugs, instead they look for any opportunity to improve repeatability and predictability. DevOps ensures transparency and collaboration across all teams. For the same reason, DevOps is the future. It’s a continuous improvement cycle that software development models undergo from time-to-time.

The most important benefits of DevOps testing are as follows:

More reliable service delivery

The Timeliness of delivery is one of the most important factor and this can be improved by adopting DevOps and Agile methodologies, which breaks big projects down into smaller functionality that are delivered on a steady measure.

Better service quality

User perception of service quality generally depend on two factors

  • The availability of service
  • The speed at which a disrupted service is brought back online.

Increased user value

Businesses need to constantly adapt to a rapidly changing market environment, respond to competitors and stay ahead in the innovation cycle.

Increased customer satisfaction through better usability

Generally customers receive frequent and timely updates, which gives them the ability to evaluate and test their satisfaction and response in the early stages.

More efficiency in operations

DevOps speeds up release cycles through identifying and eliminating wasteful processes, like long and unnecessary waiting times between work centers.

Reduces delays through cross-training

There is an increased collaboration between Dev and Ops, and this collaboration has positively impacted by cross-training across the two groups.

Continuous learning and improvement

DevOps also emphasizes continuous improvement in the process. In a fast-moving and unpredictable environment, continuous improvement is the single most important source of sustained competitive advantage and superior economic values.

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