What makes a good UI ?

24. June 2019 Uncategorized 0



Many large companies use special usability labs run by ergonomic specialists, spending large amounts of time, effort and money, researching the best way to design the user interface for their software. These labs are equipped with video cameras and one way mirrors to record how exactly people use their software. They record everything from what keys the users press, how they use the mouse, the mistakes they make, and what confuses them. This is analyzed to make improvements to the UI.

But what can a software tester contribute in this ?

Many UIs are just put together by programmers who may be writing codes, but who aren’t ergonomic experts. Not every software development team designs their interface scientifically. The other reasons might be technological limitations or time limitations.

A good User Interface should be clear, concise, responsive and efficient.



The most important element of UI is clarity. If the users cannot figure out how your website/application works, that really is a failure.



Keeping things with clarity is of course, important. But try to keep things concise too. Saving the time of users is something you can do by keeping things concise. Keeping things clear and concise at the same time isn’t that easy. For example, if you can explain things precisely in one line rather than three lines or in one word rather than three words, that will help the user understand the concept and save time.



It means, the software or the interface should be working fast. It improves the user experience. It will be great if the user gets a platform, like a form for providing feedback.



To make a UI efficient, you should know what the user is trying to achieve, and they should do it without any complication. To make it efficient, you need to know exactly what the customer is trying to achieve.

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