Reasons you should be using Agile

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  1. In technology, taking a wrong path is very hard to correct if it is late to be identified. Agile gives special importance to the incorrect approaches and they are quickly identified. Agile shows the business progress everyday.
  2. It is easy to gather the team members in the Agile space when questions arise. The business partners will be empowered to make most decisions when they are collocated. So there is rarely a need to hold meetings formally which may take time to schedule. The decisions are made quickly. 
  3. The business groups can relate to the technical challenges and the technology department can understand the struggles that business face. Hence the business and technology are equally accountable. So if any issue arises, everyone in the group will be aware of it and the solutions are often identified by those resources which are working on a completely different area of application. So the collaboration results in a lot of benefits. 
  4. At the start of the project, no one can define how a system should work. The projects they are working may struggle with the pressure of getting ready of the requirements before moving on. With the help of Agile, the system is developed with a repeated cycle of operations and along the way, corrections are made. The change is recognized as inevitable and it is embraced.
  5. The business is efficient at identifying the features that add value. The final product contains the most useful features.
  6. The Agile environment is more appealing for the younger employees who really go in pace with the fast growing environment.
  7. The Agile projects will result in significantly lower number of defects in the production environment and the production code is of higher quality.
  8. The customer satisfaction surveys taken after every project remarks that the projects done in the Agile environment receives a five to five rating. The business is more satisfied with the end results.
  9. It takes a great deal of time on documentation if the project is done in the traditional development approach. The technical documentation takes less time and it is correct.
  10. Multiple developers code every part of the system in the Agile environment and the application maintenance is easier.

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